With year-round sunlight and warm temperatures, the tropics should be the most agriculturally fruitful regions on the earth. Unfortunately this is often not the case. Many of the poorest people in the world are living in the tropics and regularly suffer hunger and malnutrition.

In Extending the Growing Season, Danny Blank teaches tropical farmers how to take advantage of their climate to have year-round food production. With many helpful photos and illustrations, Blank lays out numerous strategies to dramatically increase the food supply and win the fight against malnutrition and hunger. 

Danny Blank is an agriculturist who has served as the manager of the ECHO Global Farm in Ft. Myers, Florida.  ECHO, the Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization, is a world renowned research and education organization.  Their mission is to equip the poor with resources and skills to improve their lives.

Disc One:

1. The Untapped Potential of the Tropics
2. Farming Techniques
3. Fuelwood and Fencing
4. Perennial Forages
5. Fruits
6. Perennial Greens

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Extending the Growing Season - Danny Blank

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