In the secular world, a leader is often depicted as the visionary captain, standing on the shoulders of the followers, dictating direction and dealing out orders to those under him. This stands in stark contrast with the example given to use by Christ. In Servant Leadership, Dr. Shults illustrates the Christ-like model of a leader: one who serves with humility, who leads by example, and who is ready to elevate others first. 

Dr. Fount Shults has been preaching, teaching, and training leaders on the mission field for over 55 years. In addition to ministering to leaders, Dr. Shults serves as the Academic Dean for Nation-2-Nation Christian University.  He has written three books. He received his B.A. degree in Biblical Studies and an M.A. in Greek and Church History from Eastern New Mexico University, and a PhD in linguistics with an emphasis in Hebrew from The University of Texas at Austin.

Disc One:

1. Two Kinds of Leadership
2. Fatherhood in Leadership
3. The Difference between Children and Sons
4. Three Stages of Fathering
5. The Goals of Fathering Leadership

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Servant Leadership - Dr. Fount Shults

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