Since the Garden of Eden humankind has experienced conflict. The best intentions can turn into serious disagreement. Most of us make every effort to avoid conflict, but the truth is not even Jesus Christ could avoid conflict. In fact, at times He even initiated conflict Himself. 

Fighting the Good Fight is a three-part seminar on Church Conflict. Rev. Chris Ball teaches that conflict is not necessarily something to be avoided. Instead, it is something to be managed. If handled poorly, conflict can bring destruction and division, but when handled correctly, it can be used to foster new ideas and innovation, and to grow stronger relationships.

Rev. Chris Ball is a graduate of Elim Bible Institute and has been pastoring since 1988. In 2006, Chris was appointed General Secretary of Elim Fellowship, and today serves as its President. He and his wife have ministered together in leadership retreats around the world. Chris has a tremendous love for pastors and their ministries and endeavors to be a resource that encourages leaders in the body of Christ to become all they can be in the will of God.

Disc One:

1. Session 1 – Causes of Conflict
2. Session 2 – Understanding Conflict
3. Session 3 – Managing Conflict

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Fighting the Good Fight - Rev. Chris Ball

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