This is both Volume I & II of Effective Livestock Care in one package.

Effective Livestock Care, Dr. Peter Quesenberry of Christian Veterinarian Mission, along with his colleagues Dr. Fred Gardner and Dr. Jean Reed, cover essential topics out of his well-known book “Where There is no Animal Doctor.”

Volume I covers the fundamental care, feeding, and housing of livestock, and includes training in basic disease prevention as well as the treatment of wounds and fractures.

Volume II takes the training to a greater depth covering basic disease diagnosis and treatment as well as the administration of antibiotics and medication. Volume II is recommended for the training of animal health workers who wish to specialize in working with local veterinarians or government officials.

This is a 6 DVD set available in 29 bilingual sessions.

Vol. I Sessions:

1. Pens and Grazing Locations
2. Clean Living Conditions
3. Disease Prevention
4. Examination of a Cow
5. General Livestock Examination
6. Animal Restraint Techniques
7. Wound Treatment
8. Internal and External Parasites
9. Basics of Animal Nutrition
10. Fractures and Lameness
11. Making Local Medicines
12. Emergency First Aid
13. Working with the Local Community

Vol. II Sessions:
1. Administering Medication
2. Animal Reproduction
3. Livestock Castration Techniques
4. Reproductive System Disorders
5. Pregnancy and Deliveries
6. Pregnancy Complications
7. Respiratory Disorders
8. Digestive System Disorders - Part 1
9. Digestive System Disorders - Part 2
10. Advanced Local Medicines
11. Treatment of Parasites
12. Skin Problems
13. Urinary Tract Disorders
14. Advanced Poultry Health
15. Preventing the Spread of Common Diseases
16. Special Handling of Common Medicines

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Effective Livestock Care Vol. I and II [FULL SET]

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